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sunset silhouette of family of four looking at beachAs we all try to find meaningful ways to use this time of quarantine, it can be especially hard for parents with kids who are becoming more restless and bored.

This is particularly true of adolescents with mood swings, who are craving mental, emotional & physical stimulation.

So what can we do with them?

Well, the short video I'm sharing below serves to spark some ideas of what your kids can do creatively while bonding with  their siblings and you, their parents during this time.

The activities mentioned, will ignite your children's creativity, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, intelligence and confidence.

They will also help them feel more grounded in themselves, to their family and identity.   Something we all need, regardless of age.

May some of these ideas act as a spring board to building beautiful memories with your children during this time of staying in (Detailed PDF will be below the video).

Here is a more detailed explanation of the activities.  Hover over the bottom of this first page to scroll to the next one:  Quarantine Ideas For Adolescents

Download this PDF here: 

Wishing you and family safety & peace during this time of staying in.



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