Brenda ChadamburaParents of shy and introverted middle school-aged kids are raving about how well-spoken and confident their children have become after working with the Philadelphia – Pennsylvania based, Public Speaking Coach, Brenda Chadambura.  Endearingly named the “African Mary Poppins” for her uncanny rapport with kids, Brenda blots out each child’s sense of fear and invisibility and rigorously shines a spotlight on their distinct character and talents.  Through fun and challenging sessions, children burst forth bolder and happier as a result!

Brenda mastered her public speaking skills giving speeches in high school before large groups of peers and officials and further fine-tuned her technique in college through Toastmasters.  Though being a public speaking enthusiast and advocate for years, it was not until her senior year of college that she was wholly awakened to the immense power of speaking well in a most unexpected way. 

“After giving a sincere and articulate 2 minute impromptu speech during an opening ceremony, she was suddenly offered recommendations for medical school, albeit she was in business school and invited to deliver the student commencement speech that year.” 

“I literally saw opportunities opening up before me because of that little speech and I thought wow, this is what public speaking can do for you?!”.

As a result, Brenda is enthusiastically bringing this vital confidence building tool to kids who are flourishing in speaking savviness and joy.  This is because she not only instills excellent speaking artistry, but guides each child to connect with their own self-worth and connect with others from a place of strong self-esteem.  Parents are, therefore, given invaluable peace of mind that their children are ahead of the game for their future college and career aspirations.

When she is not coaching, Brenda is usually out and about in Philadelphia making new friends, volunteering, brunching or hiking with old ones.  Whether visiting a new place or at home, a good day for her, is one where she has made meaningful connections with other people.  This is the quality that she believes makes for a great public speaker and each person is capable of.

“Brilliant public speaking is about a positive connection with yourself AND a positive connection with whomever you are talking to.  When you speak with that foundation, the world is your oyster!”