Kidspeakshine™, is every parent’s secret weapon to permanently replacing their child’s shyness, poor speaking habits and lack of social etiquette with outstanding confidence as well as excellent speaking AND social skills!

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One of life’s greatest moments is seeing a child light up because they “got it!” It is that moment when she finally recognizes her intelligence, her complete beauty, her courage, her talents…ultimately her brilliance. Unfortunately, for many children that moment never comes and remains buried under low-self-esteem, fear of people, fear of speaking publicly or social anxiety. Confidence and Public Speaking Expert, Brenda Chadambura, is successfully empowering middle-schoolers up to college, to eliminate everything hindering them from reaching their full potential, using the powerful tool of Public Speaking.

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What Parents Are Saying

"...I was so thankful and impressed with the dedication and time Brenda spent with my daughter. Needless to say the graduation speech was a huge success! Did I say this was for the Middle School? Everyone couldn't believe she was a Middle School student giving a speech! We had a recently retired teacher, bow before Anna and tell her that in all of his 30 years of teaching, he had never seen a Middle-Schooler deliver such an amazing speech! Thank you Brenda for your loving commitment!!" - Yanghwa Pugsley

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Brenda takes a holistic approach to Public Speaking that focuses equally on building a positive self-image in each child. Your daughter is quipped with exceptional speaking skills, that showcases her intelligence and gives her an unfair advantage in every social situation! Timidity, low-voice and self-consciousness are replaced with friendliness, clear speech, self-assurance and outstanding presentations!

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