Is it hurting or helping you?

A brilliant professional woman was on an international business trip with a group of her colleagues.  For most of the trip she was quiet and took notes while one of her colleagues boldly spoke and directed the meetings.  This quiet role was not a professionally assigned one, but one that this woman had become comfortable with for most of her life.  They met top country officials who did not seem to acknowledge her.  She felt a bit overlooked.  This had happened on a number of business trips.

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5 Tricks to Growing a Friendly Child (today!)

Friendliness comes naturally to some people but to many, it is a learned skill that is quite easy to master, if you know the tricks and how to use them.  Being friendly requires not taking yourself and others too seriously.  It should be done with a sense of fun and most importantly, it should be done with a willingness to connect to others.Continue reading