Vicky and Brenda

Vicky and Brenda1

Sylvia Duggan – Home School Parent

Thank you for working with the young kids of our home school group, as I sat in the back of the room it was a blessing to watch you as you firmly but lovingly either drew each one out of their shell or helped them to channel their energy appropriately.

"It was a blessing to have someone who was looking at each of these kids as individuals who had different needs, rates of learning etc. not just as a lump that needed to move/learn as a unit.  Your obvious love for what you were doing, your enthusiasm and your interest in them was infectious and kept the kids engaged and coming back each week."

Thank you especially for letting my self-conscious teen join this group of younger kids to learn some better poise and public speaking skills in a place and way that felt very nonthreatening to her.  It was great to see her start to feel more comfortable being herself in front of others.  Thank you too for letting her assist in some ways with the younger kids, she learned while doing that way! My daughter truly thrived in your class and looked forward to it each week. She was constantly saying how “cool” you were and

"she told me you not only helped her with feeling confident speaking as herself (rather than as a character she was enacting for a skit) but that you also helped her feel better about herself as a person.   That in the teen years is a true blessing!" 

I also appreciate the extra time and attention in you took in helping my daughter polish up her Shakespeare recitation, because of your help she was able to do it in an engaging way and with a confident attitude I know she will carry these lessons into future recitations.

You were a real blessing to our group and I watched some of the shyest kids start looking folks in the eye and stop swallowing their words because of your work with them.

God Bless!

Anna Pugsley – Penn Alexander Valecdictorian


I first sought help from Ms. Brenda for my graduation speech. Little did I know the real value in proper public speaking (and what I was in for)! Before, I thought of public speaking as just that - speaking to a large group of people. However, my meetings with Ms. Brenda have changed that perception.

We collaborated together in the preparation of my speech. She suggested extra helpful edits that made the delivery of my speech flow easily.

She taught me that public speaking is also connecting with one's audience. I learned about tone, voice changes, and their effects. For example, one's tone when ending a sentence or thought is very important; it must be affirmative instead of slightly trailing upward as if to ask a question (we do it more often than we realize). Her lessons and advice have helped me notice regular speech mistakes and misconceptions, and the real techniques to captivating and moving an audience.

These lessons can be transferred to nearly every situation, and can also be adapted depending on the purpose of one's speech.

"I will carry these versatile lessons with me as I venture through future public speaking opportunities!"

Yanghwa Pugsley


"Brenda met with my daughter to prepare her for the big graduation speech. After every session my daughter had a satisfied look (the look of "I learned something meaningful and found out more about myself").

I was so thankful and impressed with the dedication and time Brenda spent with my daughter.  

"Needless to say the graduation speech was a huge success! Did I say this was for the Middle School? Everyone couldn't believe she was a Middle School student giving a speech!  We had a recently retired teacher, bow before Anna and tell her that in all of his 30 years of teaching, he had never seen a Middle-Schooler deliver such an amazing speech!  Thank you Brenda for your loving commitment!!"

Gabrielle Lyon – Public Speaking Workshops

"This class is a wonderful experience! So much fun!! Brenda is really fun, nice, friendly and super instructional. I really, really would want to do this class again!